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You must be wondering why we have choosen this home page? Well after a long hunt of best template for site ultimately Neeta Zalke come up with this template. As she was looking through various available choises, she just liked this one so much that we decide to have this as our front page.

Why this image

We tried to represent a whole life and principles of Late Shri Balaji Zalke in this one picture. He had a very charming personality and always tries to get best of the world.

This image represent a multicoloured, core valued and futuristic visionary boy, who is really close to mother nature. Well thas exactly how Balaji Zalke was.

Parts of image

Lets try to break the whole image into various little bits of images.

First of all, a rainbow, representing his personality. He had passion of reading books, novels and magazines. He managed to keep dairies of all his findings and his views

A Tree, He had spend all his last days with his wife Jamunabai on the farm house. This farm was full of various trees, including a big “Mango Tree”. This tree was a centre of attaction for all the people passing by or who on their way home, like take rest and have a chat with Balaji Zalke.

Birds and Clouds, represents a vision, he was sort of visionary, he insisted all the young childrens of his family and around in village to have a good quality education. He has made sure that the elder earning members will provide support to the junior non-earning’s education and other requirements.

Why black coloured site

This is micro (very small) contribution towards saving mother nature. How? By using black, we are saving a little power required by monitors to emit light/ render this site. Does it make any difference? Yes it will make difference in long term, but we have make sure we take a step towards saving mother nature. Are you with us? You are as you are reading this article. Ha Ha Ha…

Another advantage of black is, the content and images look rich. We have added a bit of floracent highlighting as well to enhance the appeal of whole site.

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